Foreign registration for children under 7 years of age in Colombia

portada registro de extrajero para menores de 7 años en colombia

The foreigner registration for children under 7 years old in Colombia is the registration that must be made in the Migration Colombia system of foreigners who are holders or beneficiaries of a visa valid for more than 3 months. valid for more than 3 months and who have an age between 0 and 6 years old..

Requirements for the registration of a foreigner under 7 years of age in Colombia

  • Enter the website of Migración Colombia and manage the Single Form of Procedures.
  • Passport or national national ID original and valid passport or national identity card.
  • Original and valid visa.

For foreigners under 7 years of age, the foreigner registration will be without biometric registration.

Are children under 7 years of age issued an alien registration card?

Minors under seven (7) years of age must only be registered in the registry of foreigners and will not be issued an alien registration card. In this sense, minors will be identified with their passport or national identity card.

What is the cost?

The registration as a foreigner in Colombia for children under 7 years of age is completely is completely free of charge.

Before whom is this procedure carried out?

The registration of a foreigner under 7 years of age in Colombia is done before the Special Administrative Unit of Migration Colombia..


Since the foreigner registration is simply an entry in the system, there is no estimate of the time it may take to complete the registration process.the time it may take to complete this application. this application.

a foreigner registration is required for children under 7 years old in colombia, if you want them to enter our country.

How to apply?

To make the application online you must go to

Next, you will have to identify the options “procedures and services” and “procedures”, to finally enter “enter here to the single form of procedures (FUT)”.

Then you will have to choose the language you want to start in. Next, select the type of procedure, which, in this case, must be the Foreign Registration Less than 7 years. Next, you will have to choose the nearest Migration Services Facilitator Center.

After this, the information requested for personal data and information in case of emergency is completed. It is preferable that the emergency contact be someone in Colombia.

It is recommended to accept to send information about the procedure to the e-mail and to enter a personal e-mail address.

When you continue with the procedure, the foreigner registration section will appear. In this part you must complete the information related to the activity to be carried out in Colombia. In order to complete the above, it is important to have all the visa data at hand, such as number, category, place of issuance and condition.

Of the information requested, only the fields marked with asterisks are required.

In the file section, the following must be attached the passport or identity card in PDF format.

Finally, in the consent section, you must indicate whether you agree with the conditions of the request, so that, when you finish, the system will display a code code that you must save.

How long must the visa be valid before registration is mandatory?

It is required that any person who is the holder or beneficiary of a visa valid for more than 3 months must register as a foreigner.

What happens if the foreigner turns 7 years old?

Foreigners who reach the age of 7 years of age must present themselves for registration in the foreigners’ registry.

In addition, the following must be processed ce extranjeria for minors, which will be can be found at must be made within 15 calendar days.days following the occurrence of the event.

To keep in mind

  • To continue with the process, an appointment must be made with the entity. In addition, the original documents must be presented at the time and date of the appointment.
  • Foreign minors, i.e., from 0 to 17 years of age, may go to Migración Colombia’s attention points accompanied by their mother, father or legal representative. Where necessary, proof of relationship must be provided.
  • Alien registration cards issued to minors must be claimed by the father, mother or legal representative of the minor. This will be done when it is proven tthe relationship or kinship by means of dthe document that proves legal representation.