General Requirements for Colombia 2023 Visas

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Instructions and Requirements for Colombia Visas

There are many reasons why a person may want to visit Colombia, whether it is for tourism, study, work or to meet with family and friends.

However, to enter the country it is necessary to obtain a visa, and depending on the reason for the visit, the requirements may vary.

In this regard, the general instructions and requirements to file a Visa application in Colombia will be presented.

General instructions:

  1. Have a valid passport with free space for visas.
  2. Fill out the electronic application form.
  3. All required documents must have a date of issue no more than three months prior to the registration of the application.
  4. All documents coming from abroad must be apostilled or legalized and officially translated into Spanish when they are not in Spanish.
  5. In case bank statements are required, they may be submitted without apostille or legalization and without translation into Spanish, if their content can be established by the visa officer.
  6. If a judicial record is required and the application is submitted to the Colombian consulate in the applicant’s country of origin, certification in accordance with the procedures established in that country will suffice. If the application is submitted to the Internal Visa and Immigration Working Group, the background information certified by the consulate of the country of origin may be presented, apostilled and legalized, as the case may be.
Requisitos generales visas Colombia

Requirements Common to all Visa Applications:

  1. Provide a copy of the main page of the passport or travel document.
  2. If the visa is requested in Colombia, it is necessary to demonstrate that the applicant is in a regular migratory situation and present the last entry stamp, exit stamp or safe-conduct, as the case may be.
  3. If the visa is requested at a Colombian consulate abroad, it is necessary to demonstrate regular residence in that country.

In the case of minors or incapacitated persons:

  1. To present the document that accredits the name of the parents or persons who exercise the parental authority or guardianship of the minor.
  2. Provide a visa application letter signed by a parent or legal guardian, which fully identifies who will be in charge of the personal care of the minor.
  3. Letter of acceptance of responsibility signed by the person authorized to care for the minor, when he/she is not the parent or does not have parental authority or guardianship.

Thus, it is important, once the general requirements are understood, to determine the reason for entry, the time and the activity to be carried out in the country, in order to have clarity on the visa to apply for and to review the additional provisions to carry out the process diligently and effectively.