How do I renew my U.S. passport at the U.S. Embassy in Colombia?

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This article is intended for people who are U.S. citizens and are residing in Colombia, we will tell you how to renew your passport.

Special cases

Now, for minors, first-time applicants over 18 years of age, and adult applicants whose passport is valid for less than 10 years, the process must be carried out in person, for which they can go to the U.S. Embassy in Bogota, the Consular Agency in Barranquilla or attend the passport reception days held in Medellin, Cali and Bucaramanga.

The following form DS-11, correctly filled out and signed, must be brought to the appointment:

american passport renewal

Renewal of your U.S. passport by registered mail

It is important to know that it is possible to do the procedure by certified mail, which can be done as long as the passport is valid for 10 years, is not damaged and has been issued within the last 15 years.

The procedure is as follows:

  1. Complete the DS-82 form duly completed and signed, which can be found at this link:
    . It should be printed on separate sheets.
  2. You must attach your original U.S. passport, which will be returned to you along with the new document.
  3. You must attach two (2) photos with the following characteristics:
    1. A recent photo (taken less than 6 months ago)
    2. Passport type (without any attachments on the face)
    3. Must be white background and no facial expressions.
    4. The size is 2×2 inches.
  4. Make the payment for the renewal process by following this link
    and include a photocopy of the payment confirmation.
  5. Send the aforementioned documents by certified mail along with the guide for the return of the documents. American
american passport renewal

Sending documents

You must keep in mind the information indicated in the image to make the shipment correctly, as well as for the return.

Appointment request

To schedule an appointment to renew your passport in the city of Bogota, you can do so through this link


The rates applicable to U.S. citizens are as follows:

In short, the American embassy offers an agile possibility to carry out this procedure.

As a suggestion, at the moment of completing the procedure, you should access the official website of the American Embassy in Colombia so that the information you are going to provide is protected and you can do it in a proper way.


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