What should I do if I want to form an LLC in the USA?

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Create an LLC in the USA

In other articles, we have talked about how simple and profitable it is to create an LLC in the U.S., in this one, we will talk about the step by step to incorporate it.

As we have said, if you are interested in opening an LLC in the United States, this article will be of interest to you because we will explain each of the steps that must be taken into account in order to incorporate and start an LLC.

Step 1: Select the State of incorporation

It is important to decide where to open the company as this will depend on the costs and requirements of incorporation, as each State has its own rules on the regulation of companies.

Step 2: Select a name for the LLC

How the company is to be named is also an aspect to consider since it must be verified whether the name is available for use, and in some States, it must include
in the name.

To validate the name, you must visit the Secretary of State’s website, then select the “LC/LLC Name” option and perform the search with the chosen name.

It should also be noted that a unique name will allow greater recall and positioning among future customers.

Step 3: Establish a virtual business address

The law requires every LLC to have a registered business address which will be very useful for the operation within the country.

This may be used to be filed with the State, Internal Revenue Service, banks, payment gateways, among other procedures required for the business operation.

Step 4: Establish a registered agent

He/she will be the person in charge of handling the legal and tax documentation of the company in the United States, and will be the person who will deliver such documents directly to the members.

In most states, the law requires the LLC to have an agent for the handling of paperwork, taking into account that the agent must reside in the state you have selected to open the LLC.

Step 5: Register the LLC

In order to carry out the formation properly, it is necessary to submit the Articles of Organization (articles of incorporation and operating agreement) to the State.

Depending on the State where the company is incorporated, the registration fee may be USD 90, however, this value may vary. Once this procedure has been completed, you will receive a certificate of incorporation of the company.

Step 6: Apply for EIN

For this application you must fill out form SS-4 and mail it to Servicio de Impuestos Internos to request a tax number, which will be used for invoicing and opening a bank account.

You should keep in mind that the entity has 45 business days to respond to your request, however, there is no charge for this.

The EIN is indispensable for your LLC because it is the taxpayer identification number for businesses to operate with.

Step 7: Open a business account

It is necessary to have an account in the United States when having a company in operation so that transactions are not affected by currency exchange, thus being able to collect and pay in dollars (USD).

To conclude

In this way we can conclude that the creation of an LLC, although it involves a series of procedures that must be carried out meticulously, its correct development will allow the successful incorporation of the company, and that it is highly recommended to carry out an exhaustive analysis of the requirements demanded by the State in which the registration will be carried out, in order to make it the best option to start your business.


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