Opening a Bank Account for LLC in the USA.

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Bank Account for a LLC Company

In this article we will tell you about the conditions, steps and some facilities to open the account you need without major requirements and from the comfort of your home or office without residing in the USA.

As it is well known, not all banks offer the possibility of carrying out virtual procedures, and on the contrary, most traditional banks consider multiple requirements of substance and form to access their products, such as residence in the country, a minimum deposit amount, the acquisition of physical checkbooks and other emoluments that have long constituted banking operations, However, with technological advances and thanks to the economic openness of today’s globalized world, alternatives have emerged that facilitate the completion of procedures and minimize the demand for bureaucratic requirements, of course without violating the fulfillment of legal requirements.

Here are some aspects to take into account when opening a bank account.

Incorporation of LLC

It is essential that your LLC is incorporated and you have obtained the EIN, as this is the guarantee that you can operate your business in the state territory.

Virtual procedure

The banks that operate through virtual platforms are the best option when it comes to opening the account without the need to travel to the U.S., being able to perform the procedure from anywhere in the world, some platforms such as Globalfy, Brex, Mercury, Relay among many others, will allow you to speed up the purely virtual process.

Registered business address

The same as for the incorporation of LLCs, it is necessary to have an address that allows the exchange of information.


For the opening of the bank account, as well as for the incorporation and registration of the LLC, it is not necessary to have a business visa or to be a U.S. citizen, only with a valid passport issued by your country of origin you can apply for the opening of the account.

Data for the opening application

Depending on the platform you choose to open an account, some of the information and steps that are necessary to apply for an account are:

  • Business information:

    Ehis information details the name of the company, physical and virtual address where it operates, type of industry, name of the members of the capital and other data that allow the company to be identified.

  • Owner information:

    names and contact information of the members, percentage of ownership of the company, among other information that allows the bank to know the customer profile.

  • Business contact:

    detailed information on physical contact details with the company, addresses (country, state, street, office, zip code) and telephone numbers.

  • Trade name or trademark:

    Since in many occasions the name of our company may be different from the name of our brand with which the positioning is sought, it is also necessary to indicate the name of the brand or trade name with which we are generally known in the market.

  • Registration documentation:

    this information is the documentation with which we apply for registration of our LLC.

  • EIN (Employer Identification Number):

    As previously stated, it is essential to present this document, since this information gives full validity to the beginning of operations of our company.


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