How to liquidate a company in Colombia? In legal service we tell you about it

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If you have a company in Colombia and you have decided to close it, you must take into account that there is a legal process to do so. This process is called liquidation. Legal Service we tell you how to liquidate a liquidate a company in Colombia correctly.


Just as there is a step-by-step
to create and register a company in Colombia
There is also a step-by-step procedure to close or liquidate it. The following is the process you must follow when liquidating a company in Colombia.

Steps to liquidate a company in Colombia

There are a series of steps that you must follow when you decide to liquidate a company in Colombiaamong which are:

Consultation with a specialized lawyer

liquidate-a-company-in-colombiaThe first thing you should do is to consult a lawyer specialized in commercial and corporate law to advise you on the steps you should follow to liquidate your company. This expert will guide you through the process and help you comply with legal requirements.

Appoints a liquidator

The next step is to assign a liquidator. This can be any person or entity, but must be accepted by the Superintendence of Corporations. The role of the liquidator is to represent the company in the liquidation process and to guarantee that legal and financial obligations are met.

Notify your creditors

Once you have assigned a liquidator, you must notify your creditors and suppliers that you are initiating the liquidation process. You must inform that the company will cease to operate and the debt payment process will be carried out.

Performs an inventory

The next step is to make a detailed inventory of the company’s assets and liabilities. assets and liabilities of the company. This inventory will include all assets and properties of the company, as well as all outstanding debts.

Pay debts and liquidate assets

Once you have completed the inventory, it is important that you pay the outstanding debts in order to liquidate the company’s assets. This includes the sale of property, machinery, equipment, among others.


Cancels the registration with the Chamber of Commerce

Once the liquidation process is completed, you must cancel the subscription to the chamber of commerce by means of an application where you must comply with the established requirements.

Retains accounting records

It is important that you keep these records for a period of time established by law. These records may be required in the event of any future legal or tax proceedings.

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