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Since its completion, the Internet has been changing our world, and by leaps and bounds.

Our forms of consumption, interaction, ways of working, etc. have been affected; just a click away, companies have decided to elucidate their boundaries, and dive into this vast world of the Internet.

What is happening in the world of law? Well, it is not exempt from the improvements and opportunities offered by the Internet.

We have this ideal that the legal profession only deals with legal matters in a court of law, but this is only a part of what it can do.

The defense of the rights of individuals or groups of individuals is a part of this profession, but it is also responsible for legal advice and counseling.

These last two tasks have been greatly enhanced with the implementation of technological devices and access to the Internet.

This implementation has allowed to generate a new means of communication between the client and the lawyer: from the comfort of his home, the client can contact the law firm, make his consultation, and receive a response from the lawyer, this response can be given through a phone call, a video call, an email, or as easier and more convenient for the client.

This not only benefits individuals, many companies find it more convenient to have an external legal department.

This is achieved by hiring a law firm that, for the sake of this new model, specializes in legal and juridical issues of the different sectors and labor areas.

This allows companies to have a trained staff to advise them at all times, without having the fixed costs of an in-house legal department.

The challenges in the Internet world are different, it is not enough to be on the Internet, it is also required to be known, so you must develop digital advertising strategies and positioning to stand out in this market that is increasingly competitive, but this is not possible without a good work plan and a well-structured business model.

We have already seen that the Internet is offering new communication channels and that the legal profession is benefiting more and more from it.

It is now easier for individuals to consult on legal matters that can prevent them from future problems, and companies can count on legal support at all times.

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