Medical Insurance in Colombia. Colombian Visa Requirements

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Health Policy or Medical Insurance for Colombia

Medical insurance is an indispensable requirement for many people wishing to travel to Colombia.

This requirement is established by the Colombian government to ensure that travelers are protected against all risks in case of accident, illness, maternity, disability, hospitalization, death or repatriation, for the expected duration of their stay in the country.

For what type of visas should it be processed?

For type V visas:

Tourism, student, administrative and/or judicial procedures, students/volunteers of religious entities, volunteer or cooperant, film or audiovisual production, digital nomads, journalistic coverage, permanent correspondent, vacations and work, service provider – work or labor, rentista, ICETEX, film law.

For visit type M:

Promotion of internationalization, investor, independent professional.

For visa type R:


Seguro de salud en Colombia

Which insurance agencies provide or sell health policies as visa requirements?

Some of the agencies in which it is possible to find insurance with the necessary characteristics to advance the visa process for Colombia are:

Assist Card:

This company offers all types of assistance plans depending on the type of trip (

Axxa Assistance:

It offers medical insurance with in-country coverage starting at 2 EUR per day (

World Nomads:

It is an insurance agency designed by travelers to cover what is essential to each person’s trip. (

Continental Assist:

It is a travel insurance company with multiple plan options such as short or long stay, students, frequent travelers, etc. (

5. Credit Cards:

Some international credit cards often include medical coverage, including Visa, MasterCard and American Express.

Seguro de salud en Colombia


Medical insurance is a requirement that does not apply to all types of visas, so it is important that applicants carefully verify each of the required documents in relation to their intention to travel to Colombia to ensure that they comply with the particularities of each case.

Get Advice Before Choosing Insurance

In the event that medical insurance is required, it is essential to select a reliable agency that offers adequate coverage.

There are numerous insurance agencies that offer travel health plans to meet Colombia visa requirements.

Coverage Required

However, it is necessary to evaluate the scope and nature of the coverage offered by the insurance to ensure that it covers all the risks stipulated by the Colombian government.

It should be noted that, although medical insurance is required to comply with one of the visa requirements, its acquisition can provide security in case of emergencies and unforeseen events during the stay in Colombia, as it helps to protect the traveler’s health and well-being.

Seguro de salud en Colombia