Rejection of the Colombian visa request

portada rechazar solicitud visa colombiana

The rejection of a Colombian visa application is the administrative decision by which the immigration authority denies entry to a foreigner, leaving him/her subject to deportation.

What are the reasons for the rejection of a Colombian visa application?

The Colombian immigration authorities may reject the Colombian visa application for:

  1. Failure to present vaccination card or proof of vaccination when required by the national health authority or visa when required.
  2. Lack of economic resources or lawful means of livelihood to guarantee subsistence and the possibility of carrying out the declared activities.
  3. Lack of a ticket to leave Colombian territory in the case of foreigners with entry permits (PIP) or temporary visas (TP) valid for less than one (1) year.
  4. Having a record and/or annotations for transnational crimes, drug or narcotic substance trafficking, migrant smuggling, trafficking in persons, organ trafficking, child pornography or related crimes
  5. Have pending proceedings for crimes with custodial sentences of two (2) or more years in foreign territory and/or be registered in the specialized files of the international police.
  6. Record annotations for conduct that may compromise the security of the State or endanger social tranquility.
  7. Have been deported or expelled from the country and have not completed the term of the sanction, unless after the completion of such measure he/she has been granted a visa.
  8. Have been extradited from the country, unless he/she proves that he/she has been acquitted of the crimes charged.
  9. Having incurred in misrepresentation for entry into the country
  10. Having left the national territory evading immigration control.
  11. Failure of the foreigner with a Temporary Permit or Visa (TP) or Business Visa (NE) to pay the duly executed economic sanctions provided for in this decree.
  12. Disrespecting or threatening officials of the Special Administrative Unit for Migration Colombia in the performance of their duties.
  13. To have exceeded one hundred eighty (180) continuous or discontinuous days in that calendar year.
  14. Have been sanctioned for incurring in the same conduct more than 3 times.
  15. Suffering from a disease of epidemic potential defined in the International Health Regulations and that constitutes a threat to public health, according to certification or assessment issued by the corresponding health authority.
  16. Reasons of national sovereignty, by means of a procedure established in an administrative act.
  17. When the traveler presents conditions that make it impossible to conduct the immigration interview.
  18. In case of refugee application, failure to comply with the requirements of the refugee application or:
    • Failure to ratify or extend the application within 5 working days following the issuance of the safe conduct of stay by Migración Colombia.
    • Being found in the process of leaving the country
    • Abuse of the shelter figure
    • Misleading competent officials
    • Repeatedly submitting two or more applications without new facts or evidence
    • Not being in a situation that warrants shelter
  19. That for other circumstances it is considered inconvenient to enter the country.

Appeals to appeal the rejection of a Colombian visa application

No appeal may be filed against this resolution.