Requirements to obtain Colombian nationality

portada obtener la nacionalidad colombiana

How to obtain Colombian nationality? In this blog we will tell you all the necessary information so that you can carry out this procedure without any problem.

What does it consist of?

Nationality by adoption is the concession that, in a sovereign and discretionary manner, the Colombian Government makes to grant foreigners Colombian nationality by adoption through a Letter of Nature or a Resolution of Inscription[1].

General and specific requirements to obtain Colombian nationality

  1. Resident Visa. The term of domicile will be counted from the issuance of the Resident Visa. Absence from Colombia for a term equal to or greater than one (1) continuous year interrupts the period of domicile for the acquisition of Colombian nationality by adoption.
  2. Memorial, letter or official letter addressed to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, requesting Colombian nationality and stating the reasons on which the request is based, as well as the following information: Name, foreigner’s identification card number, occupation, and current nationality of the petitioner. City of domicile and address of your residence in Colombia, landline telephone, cell phone number and e-mail address.
  3. Copy of the valid foreigner’s identity card.
  4. Copy of the valid Resident Visa.
  5. One (1) current document type photo of face, front view, white background. Size 4×5 cm in jpg format.
  6. Copy of the biographical data page of the valid passport. In case the passport does not include the required information, a suitable document issued by a competent authority of your country of origin, proving the date and place of birth, must be provided.
  7. Proof of labor activity or profession in the Colombian territory, with any of the following documents:
    • If the applicant is a dependent professional, he/she must provide a labor certificate from the company where he/she works.
    • If the applicant is an independent professional, he/she must provide a copy of the tax registration form (RUT).
    • In case you are a partner or owner of a commercial establishment, you must provide a certificate from the Chamber of Commerce, stating the corporate purpose of such entity and its tax identification number (NIT).
    • In the event that the applicant is economically dependent on another person, he/she must submit a statement, signed by the family member, spouse or permanent partner, stating such dependency. Likewise, the applicant must attach any of the documents listed in numbers 7.1, 7.2 or 7.3 corresponding to the person responsible for the applicant.
  8. If the foreigner is married or has a common-law marriage with a Colombian citizen, or has children of Colombian nationality, the Civil Registry of Marriage, the proof of the Common-law Marriage or the Civil Registry of Birth must be submitted.

You should keep in mind that:

  • If the foreigner does not have a Resident Visa (holder or beneficiary) and has another type of visa, he/she should not apply for the study of the Colombian nationality by adoption process.
  • The presentation of the application for Colombian nationality by adoption or the fulfillment of the above requirements does not necessarily imply the granting of the nationality.
  • Documents issued abroad must be submitted duly apostilled in accordance with the Hague Convention on the Abolition of the Requirement of Legalization for Foreign Public Documents or duly legalized.
  • Any document in a language other than Spanish must be submitted with the corresponding official translation into Spanish and the translator’s signature must be duly apostilled.

you must commit constant stay in Colombia as one of the requirements to obtain Colombian nationality.

Step-by-step procedure to obtain Colombian nationality

  1. You must complete the process online through the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, by entering and filling out the form in the link called “Nationality”.
    Complete your nationality procedure online here
    [2]. The documents you attach to your application must be legible and uploaded in PDF format, the photo must be uploaded in JPG format[3].
  2. The Special Administrative Unit of Migration Colombia may carry out a visit to the foreigner’s place of residence.
  3. The Governors’ Offices advance the citation process, once this Ministry requires the knowledge exams to be performed.
  4. If it is the case, they must take the knowledge exams (of the Political Constitution, Geography and History of Colombia, as well as the Spanish language when this is not their mother tongue) which are prepared, practiced and graded by the Evaluation Committee appointed by the Governor’s Office of the foreigner’s domicile.
  5. The naturalization of the foreigner will be authorized through the issuance of a Letter of Nature or Resolution of Inscription, which must contain the identification data of the foreigner, in order to perfect the process through the taking of an oath.
  6. The oath shall be taken before the Mayor’s Office or the Governor’s Office of the applicant’s domicile, as appropriate, at the request of this Ministry.
  7. The Governor or Mayor must deliver to the naturalized person the original Letter of Nature or copy of the Resolution of Inscription, as the case may be.

It is possible to inquire about the status of applications can be consulted online through the following link: “Check the status of your application here“You must keep in mind that when making the query you must enter the type and number of the document registered at the time of creating the procedure.

Duration of the procedure to obtain Colombian nationality

In accordance with the provisions of Law 43 of 1993, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs did not formulate a term to respond to the request to obtain Colombian nationality by adoption.

The duration of the Colombian nationality by adoption process depends on the presentation of the complete documentation for its corresponding verification, and additionally, on the elaboration and reception of the information sent by the entities linked to the process (Special Administrative Unit of Migration Colombia, the National Tax and Customs Directorate – DIAN and the Governors’ Offices).

Likewise, it should be kept in mind that the Internal Working Group on Nationality may summon the foreigner at any time during the process in order to conduct an interview.

Fees and payment methods

The procedure to obtain Colombian nationality by adoption has a cost of $700,000 Colombian pesos.

Payment can be made through the following means:

  • Banco GNB Sudameris nationwide.
  • Servibanca ATM network.
  • Payment by PSE, for which you must have an active account in Colombia.
  • Payment by Visa and MasterCard.

The following should be taken into account…

That the payment of the procedure to obtain the Colombian nationality by Adoption is made exclusively so that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs proceeds to study the procedure requested, and not to grant the Colombian Nationality to the applicant foreigner.


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