Some 56,685 descendants of Sephardic Jews have been able to obtain Portuguese nationality.

portada judios sefardi conseguir nacionalidad portuguesa

Due to the historical background of expulsion and marginalization suffered by this people, the Jewish Community promoted the creation of a Law so that the descendants of expelled Jews can apply for nationality and have the right to return to whoever wishes to do so; as long as they can prove that within their ancestors there is a Sephardic Jewish root.

For all these reasons, Portuguese nationality can be granted to the descendants of Portuguese Sephardic Jews, who after leaving Portugal, due to religious persecution, traveled throughout the world, so that many people have inherited Jewish customs even if they do not know their origin.

Since 2015 Law No. 30-A came into force, with this fact it has been possible to observe how little by little the number of applications from hundreds of people of Sephardic origin wishing to benefit from the current Portuguese legislation has been increasing, it has had such an impact that they still have some 80,102 applications pending. #1

Thanks to this the Portuguese Jewish community grew by 1,000%, synagogues grew, numerous restaurants respecting the Jewish diet have opened, there is a new Jewish cemetery, new Jewish museums and now there is a new Holocaust museum in Porto, which is the first one in Portugal. Evidencing a revival of a community that once had to hide what it is.

But not only Sephardic descendants who practice Judaism have benefited from this law, thousands of descendants of Jews of various nationalities, genders, religions and ages have benefited from this legislation, being an opportunity not only for those who wish to immigrate to Portugal, but an opportunity for the country itself, which has one of the oldest populations in the world, an opportunity to rejuvenate its population, attract foreign investment, and become an even more diverse and pluralistic country.