Study visa for Spain

Study visa for Spain.

Study visa for more than 180 days for Spain



For a stay longer than 180 days, the following documentation (original and copy) must be submitted to the Spanish Consulate in Colombia:

  1. Visa Application Form (found on the Consulate’s website)
  2. Color photographs, passport size and white background.
  3. Valid passport or travel document.
  4. Previously completed degrees.
  5. Admission letter from the study center.
  6. Medical insurance.
  7. Letter or certificate of criminal record.
  8. Letter of invitation or accommodation.
  9. Medical certificate validating that the applicant does not suffer from diseases that could seriously affect public health.
  10. Proof of sufficient funds to cover the stay for the period for which the visa is requested. If the funds belong to a family member, these documents must be duly notarized and apostilled.

In addition, they must travel in person to Bogota with the documents on the day of the interview appointment.

Duration of the study visa process for Spain

This type of visa is approved directly by the Competent Authorities in Spain. Consequently, the time to resolve a visa application varies depending on the Government Subdelegation to which the application is submitted, usually the minimum time to receive a response from the Central Services is approximately four (4) weeks.

Visa for student’s family members for Spain

Relatives of the student, such as spouse, domestic partner or children under 18 years of age, have the right to accompany the student and reside together. A visa must be requested, among the requirements to be fulfilled must have sufficient economic resources to support themselves, 75% of the IPREM for the first family member and 50% for the others.


The application for a student family member visa can only be submitted after the student’s visa has been approved.

  1. National Visa Application Form
  2. Passport with a minimum validity of 1 year
  3. Copy of the student’s visa that generates the right and copy of the admission letter from the educational center.
  4. International medical insurance policy.
  5. Proof of housing in Spain (document issued by the person or entity that will host the student, with a clear indication of the complete address where the student will be staying).
  6. Apostilled civil records, to prove relationship.
  7. Proof of financial resources
  8. Certificate of judicial antecedents of the last five years apostilled for immigration purposes.
  9. Medical certificate issued in Colombia

Duration of the family study visa application process

The deadline to receive notification of the family study visa will be approximately one month from the date of application.

*It should be noted that all long-term visas (work, family reunification, studies for a period of more than six months, residence for non-working purposes, etc.), are always issued for ninety days. During this period (90 days), the applicant must travel to Spain and go to the Immigration Office of the Government Subdelegation of the province where he/she is going to reside or study, and to apply for a Residence or Study Permit, which will henceforth serve as your identity document in Spain. The N.I.E. (foreigner’s identification number) is automatically assigned when the corresponding visa or residence or stay card is processed. no prior request is necessary.

Study visa costs for Spain

Colombian citizens applying for Study Visas are NOT required to pay visa fees in Colombia.