Tax and Accounting Outsourcing For Companies in Colombia

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Taxes and Accounting for Businesses

This service is offered by companies specialized in accounting and taxes for companies that do not have personnel with knowledge and experience in this area. Companies can hire these services on a permanent or temporary basis depending on their needs, sometimes these services are hired for specific situations such as income tax returns.

This service offers advice and management of the company’s accounting, focusing on organizing the company’s accounting and fully complying with tax obligations. By outsourcing this service, companies put their accounting and financial statements in the hands of experts in the area who also keep up to date in terms of regulations.

This service is ideal for foreign companies in Colombia, as they are generally unfamiliar with Colombian regulations. This service allows them to avoid non-compliance with legal requirements and to have experts in this area who could also provide comprehensive advice.


Hiring Tax Advisory Services in Colombia

The contracting of these services in the tax and accounting areas provides companies with the guarantee that their financial and accounting statements will be handled by experts in the field and, among other benefits, avoids tax penalties, reduces risks, allows the company to dedicate its personnel to its own business activities and receive advice on sustainability issues within the organization.

In order to hire this service, it is advisable to evaluate the needs of the company to determine for how long or for what process to hire this service.

The cost of these services can be between ONE MILLION PESOS (COP$1,000,000) and THREE MILLION PESOS (COP$3,000,000) per month, depending on the needs of the company.