Trademark registration for young people in Colombia

portada registro de marca para jovenes en colombia

The Superintendence of Industry and Commerce has established that, as of January 2022, the registration of trademarks for young people in Colombia, between 18 and 28 years old, will have a special rate, either in one or several classes.

With this incentive to youth entrepreneurship, together with programs such as young owners, the first job program for young people and the subsidy on the minimum wage for those who hire young people, the objective is to promote the development of young people within the framework of the economic recovery.

A set of much needed measures considering that, according to the National Administrative Department of Statistics (DANE), the youth unemployment rate in the country stood at 23.9% between April and June 2021, which means that, in total, there were 1.6 million unemployed young people, figures that are shockingly high in Colombia. #1

This measure of trademark registration for young people in Colombia is stipulated in resolution number 63360 of 2021, and provides a special rate of COP$ 69,000 for each class during the whole year of 2022.

To prove that the applicant belongs to the population in this age range, a copy of the Colombian citizenship card must be presented if the applicant is Colombian, or a copy of the foreigner’s identity card or identification document in the applicant’s country of birth if the applicant is a foreigner.

In conclusion

We can affirm that the government remains in line with the policy of supporting the economic development of young people and at the same time encouraging economic recovery.

This trademark registration measure for young people in Colombia is a great help, as the economic and employability situation of young people has been difficult to say the least.

Even before the pandemic, we encourage young entrepreneurs to make use of this opportunity to take the next step in their entrepreneurial journey.