Visa Application Letter in Colombia

carta solicitud de visa colombia

If you are interested in applying for a visa in Colombia and must attach a visa application letter, we invite you to review this article.

Types of visas requiring a letter of application and their contents


1. Type V visas require written communication when:

1.1 The application is submitted with the support of a natural person and/or in his or her personal capacity. In this case, the applicant must attach a letter signed by him or by the person who supports him with the following information:

  • Identification of the interested party and of the natural person supporting him/her, if any.
  • Explanation of the link or relationship between the foreigner and the natural person.
  • Details of the activity the foreigner intends to carry out in Colombia (duration, participants, location, schedule).
  • Declaration of financial commitment for the expenses of travel and stay of the foreigner in the territory.

1.2 The request has institutional support. The written communication signed by the legal representative of the legal entity must be attached and must contain:

  • Identification of the legal entity with its respective NIT (if incorporated in Colombia) and contact information.
  • Identification data of the foreigner.
  • Details of the activity that the foreigner intends to carry out in Colombia. The program, duration and planned agenda should be indicated.
  • Explanation of the relationship with the foreigner for whom the visa is requested. The special qualification or expertise, if any, shall also be explained.
  • Declaration of financial commitment for the expenses of travel and stay of the foreigner in the territory.

1.3 The request is to visit the national territory under working-holiday programs. In case the applicant is a guest or dependent, a letter signed by the person who invites or is responsible for the foreigner, his/her stay and departure from the country must be submitted. This letter must be accompanied by the bank certification.

1.4 The application is for a courtesy visa. A letter of request signed by the person, international organization of public law or diplomatic mission, or official entity making the invitation abroad must be attached, explaining the activity to be carried out in Colombia, together with the agenda or program foreseen.

2. M Visas require a letter when:

2.1 It is requested by conjugal or marital relationship. In this case, the letter must be signed by the Colombian national and must be presented together with a simple copy of the citizenship card and the special power of attorney granted by the national to the foreigner.

2.2 It is requested for being a child or parent of a Colombian national by adoption. The letter must be signed by the Colombian by adoption. If you are a minor, the letter must be signed by the persons having guardianship or parental authority.

2.3 It is requested as a worker. A letter of motivation submitted by the employer must be attached. If the employers are entities, organs or institutions of the State, diplomatic missions or consular offices accredited in Colombia or an international governmental organization, a visa application letter signed by the legal representative or whoever is acting in his or her stead must be attached.

2.4 You apply as an entrepreneur. In these cases, a letter must be submitted detailing the corporate name, the tax identification number (NIT) and the domicile of the company incorporated or in which it invests.

2.5 Requested as independent. In these events, a letter of application accompanied by at least 3 certificates of experience in the corresponding profession or trade must be added.

visa application letter

3. R visas require a letter when:

3.1 The application is made by a parent of a Colombian national by birth. When the Colombian child is of legal age, he/she will sign the letter requesting the issuance of the resident visa to the foreign parent along with a simple copy of the Colombian citizenship card.

In the case where the Colombian child is a minor, the letter will be presented by the other parent advising that the foreigner interested in the visa is fully complying with the child support obligations.

4. Beneficiary visas shall require, in any case, the letter of application. This document must be signed by the holder of the visa in which, in addition to requesting the visa for the beneficiary, the dependence and economic responsibility for the costs of the beneficiary’s stay and travel in Colombia is declared.

Sample Letter of Inquiry

The following is an example of an M visa application for marriage to a Colombian national.

Medellin, April 30, 2021


Foreign Ministers of Colombia

Subject: Visa application

Best regards,

Hereby, I, (complete with name and surname), identified with citizenship identification card No. (cédula number) of (city of issuance of the document), I hereby request the issuance of the type M visa for Mr. ( name and surname), identified with passport No. ( name and surname), identified with passport No. ( name and surname). (passport number), of nationality (specify country of origin of foreigner) and who has been my spouse since the (day) of (month) of the (year).

I attach to the application a photocopy of my identity card and the power of attorney granted to the foreigner for the relevant purposes.

Thank you in advance for your attention and cooperation.

Sincerely yours,


Name of Colombian national

ID card number

To keep in mind:

Review the content information required for each type of visa and always remember to provide identification data.

Identification documents will depend on each case. These documents may be: passport, identity card, birth certificate, among others.

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