Visa for parents/grandparents to Canada from Colombia

portada visa para padres abuelos para canada desde colombia

Visa for parents/grandparents to Canada from Colombia

Since December 2011, parents and grandparents of Canadian citizens and permanent residents who wish to obtain temporary residency to visit their relatives can apply for extended visit visas known as Super visas.

This is a multiple entry visa, which is valid for up to 10 years and allows parents and grandparents to stay in Canada for up to 5 years at a time.

The requirements to apply for this visa are: To be eligible for a super visa, you must.

  1. Be the parent or grandparent of a Canadian citizen or permanent resident of Canada.
  2. Have a signed letter from your child or grandchild who is inviting you to Canada that includes a commitment of financial support for the duration of your visit, the list and number of people in this person’s household, a copy of this person’s Canadian citizenship or permanent residency document.
  3. The inviting child or grandchild must demonstrate that his or her household meets the minimum income requirements.
  4. Have medical insurance that is valid for at least 1 year from the date of entry, has coverage of at least $100,000, have proof that the medical insurance has been paid for
  5. Be admissible to enter Canada.
  6. Pass an immigration medical examination.
  7. Meet certain other conditions and factors assessed by the officer, demonstrating that you will leave Canada at the end of the authorized stay.

It is important to note that holders of a super visa for parents and grandparents have the rights and restrictions of a tourist visa holder, which means that they cannot work or study while in Canada. AdditionallyThe application must be made from outside Canada. apply from outside Canada either online or by mail.

Most Supervisa applications are processed within a few weeks. However, waiting times vary depending on the visa office and the applicant. Once the Canadian Super Visa application has been received, it is checked to ensure that all documents and data are included correctly.

If the documents are incomplete or there is incorrect data, the application will be returned without being processed.

Finally, the Canadian immigration department may also request: an interview with Canadian officials in your country, further information or supporting documents, medical examination or police certificate.