Visa type R for accumulated time

visa tipo r por tiempo acumulado

The R type visa for accumulated time is intended for foreigners who have remained in the national territory as holders of migrant visas, accumulating the time spent as holders of the visa. These are:

  1. Spouse of a Colombian national: 3 years
  2. Mother or father of Colombian national by adoption: 2 years
  3. Father or mother of Colombian national by birth: 2 years
  4. Mercosur Migrant: 2 years
  5. Andean Migrant: 2 years
  6. Stateless migrant: 2 years
  7. Permanent partner of Colombian national: 5 years
  8. Refugee: 5 years
  9. Partner or owner: 5 years
  10. Independent professional: 5 years
  11. Pensioned: 5 years
  12. Promotion of internationalization: 5 years
  13. Investor: 5 years
  14. Beneficiaries: 5 years

For purposes of calculating accumulated time, continuity of time will be considered to exist when a visa has been granted before the expiration of the preceding visa. The safe conduct does not constitute a continuity factor for the calculation of time accumulation. Additionally, it is important to mention that compliance with the length of stay requirement does not constitute an automatic attribute that guarantees the granting of the Permanent Resident (R) visa, taking into account that the granting of the visa is of a sovereign and discretionary nature of the national government and does not constitute a right of the applicant.

Specific requirements for the R-type visa application for accumulated time

  1. Visa application letter explaining the source of income for the support of self and beneficiaries, when applicable; and describing how the circumstances or conditions that gave rise to the granting of previous visas subject to time accumulation are maintained.
  2. Copy of the foreigner’s identification card, with the purpose of consulting the judicial antecedents.
  3. For spouses or permanent partners:
    • Visa application letter signed by the Colombian spouse or permanent partner who supported the Migrant visa, stating the persistence of the relationship and the effective cohabitation, clearly stating his/her physical address, e-mail address and telephone number.
    • A simple copy of the citizen’s ID card
    • Special power of attorney granted before a notary public for a foreigner to apply for such visa.
  4. The Visa and Immigration Authority may verify the applicant’s compliance with social security obligations.

In the case of foreigners holding an M visa granted under the Mercosur Residency Agreement or under the Andean Migratory Statute, they must provide the additional requirements that may eventually be required of Colombian nationals in another member country of said Agreement or Statute in application of the principle of reciprocity.

Finally, this visa allows its principal holder to apply for a visa for beneficiaries, who may apply for the R visa as principal holder, provided that they are of legal age and can prove their independence and economic solvency.