Civil Lawyers in Colombia

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Civil Law

Civil law is the branch of law that regulates the relations between natural persons, legal persons and property. It is governed by the Civil Code, which regulates civil relations, including issues such as the capacity of individuals to establish contractual relations, property and rights over property, contracts, obligations and civil liabilities, family law, inheritance, among other issues.

The specialization in civil law in Colombia does not have an exact date of arrival but several universities began to offer this and other specializations such as criminal law, labor law and commercial law since 1960, due to the need to have highly trained lawyers in the various branches of law to meet the demands of society that every day became more complex.

Currently there is a high demand for civil lawyers in Colombia as they offer services and advice on issues such as:

It deals with property disputes, such as the purchase, sale or lease of real or personal property.

Includes divorce, alimony, child custody, adoption, among others.

  • Contract law:

It relates to the drafting and review of contracts and the resolution of disputes that may arise from them.

Includes traffic accidents, medical malpractice, property damage, among others.

It is related to the protection of consumer rights, misleading advertising, unfair commercial practices, breach of contracts for goods or services, among others.

It relates to copyright and intellectual property violations.

As it is such a diverse branch of law, it is subdivided into family, civil liability, insurance and others. The services offered by civil lawyers are:

This advice involves reviewing contracts and/or situations, identifying potential risks and offering possible options to protect the client’s interests.

The client obtains representation in legal proceedings in which the lawyer defends the interests and rights of his client by presenting arguments that favor him before the judge, ensuring that the rules and laws that apply to the particular case are complied with.

It is the solution of conflicts without the need to access the judicial branch. The attorney seeks to reach an agreement between the parties without requiring a trial.

  • Research and compilation:

This is the gathering of evidence to defend the client in a case. It may involve interviewing witnesses, obtaining documents, reviewing public records and other activities.

It is advisable to hire a civil lawyer as it helps to prevent legal disputes from arising through timely advice and the drafting of appropriate contracts and agreements between the parties. In addition, in the event that the client is already in a conflict, it provides the guarantee that his rights will be respected and gives him the assurance that his interests will be looked after.