Non-profit residency application for Spain

residencia no lucrativa españa

Non-profit residency application for Spain.

In this article we will explain everything you need to know if you want to obtain a non-profit residency visa for Spain. The non lucrative residence visa allows Colombians or foreigners residing in Colombia, as its name indicates, to have their residence in Spain without performing any labor or lucrative activity in this country. The essential thing to understand is that you must have sufficient financial means to live in that country for the duration of the visa.

Who can apply for a non-profit residency visa for Spain?

Any Colombian citizen or foreigner residing in Colombia can apply, as long as they can demonstrate sufficient economic resources (we will tell you later how this is done).


1. National visa application form. The original and two (2) copies are delivered. A photograph with a white background is pasted on each form. Do not forget to sign it.

Application form EX – 01. Do not forget to sign it.

3. Form 790 (code 052). Do not forget to sign it.

4. Original deposit of the initial residence authorization fee. In case you are not a Colombian national you must also provide the original proof of payment of the visa fee, in case you are not exempt.

5. Passport valid for at least one (1) year. Original and one (1) copy of the main page.

6. Certificate of judicial antecedents for the last five (5) years
apostilled for immigration purposes.
The certificate is issued by the National Police and must indicate that you do not have a criminal record. The apostille is filled out on the page. Web of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Colombia.

7. Medical certificate issued in Colombia. You must certify that you do not suffer from any of the diseases that may have serious public health implications, in accordance with the 2005 International Regulations.

  • It is necessary that you attach the medical exams.
  • You can use the following model for the certificate: see model here

8. Proof of financial resources. In addition to accrediting the corresponding amount according to the requested time of residence, you must:

  • Specify the source of such income.
  • Proof of bank transactions made in the last year. For this purpose you can provide a bank certification.

9. Apostilled civil registry in case of presenting the family group.

  • Civil registration of marriage if applying for visa with spouse.
  • Civil registry of birth if applying for a visa with children.

10. Accreditation of housing in Spain. It can be accredited with a copy of the Lease Contract or Public Deed of Property, or Notarial Deed of the person with whom he/she is going to reside in Spain.

11. Certificate of international medical insurance policy. It must cover medical assistance in Spain for the first year, and include repatriation expenses to Colombia in the amount of €30,000.

12. Alien Registration Card. If you are not a Colombian national, you must provide the foreigner’s identification card issued by the Colombian Government.


Duration of the procedure

The duration of the procedure is approximately four (4) weeks. This period may vary depending on the Spanish Government Subdelegation that is responsible for answering the application directly in Spain.

Duration of residency

This visa allows you, initially, to reside in Spain for one (1) year. After this year you can extend this visa for two (2) more years. Keep in mind that the time will depend entirely on the economic resources you have available.

Costs (how payments are made)

First, we would like to clarify that there are two payments to be made; the first refers to the visa fee and the second refers to the residence authorization fee.

The consignment of the fees is made at any branch of the BBVA Bank in Current Account No. 171-015365, in the name of the Consulate General of Spain in Bogota.

The rates for the year 2021 are:

Long-term visa fee

National Visas for citizens of:

Andorra, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Croatia, El Salvador, Honduras, Japan, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, South Korea, San Marino. (According to signed agreements and covenants).

National visas for citizens of third countries not included in agreements or conventions.
(This fee is payable in cash on the day of the appointment).
National Visas for citizens of:

United States
(Additional costs apply)

Consult rate on the day of the appointment
National Visas for citizens of:

Canada, United Kingdom, Denmark and Ireland (Reciprocity in rates applies)

Consult rate on the day of the appointment


Residence permit fee

Initial temporary residence authorization$45,000


Step by step procedure

Can I apply online?

No. The procedure must be done in person at the Consulate General of Spain in Bogota. However, you must make an appointment. Click here to request an appointment

Can the procedure be carried out from Colombia?


Is prior residence in Spain necessary to apply?


How is the documentation submitted?

All documentation must be submitted in original and copies in separate groups, as the originals will be returned to you.

Additionally, the proof of payment of the initial temporary residence authorization fee made at Banco BBVA must be the original.

Please note that the judicial record certificate and the civil records (in case you need to prove the relationship) must be apostilled. The apostille procedure can be done online at the p. Web of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Colombia.

What formulas are required? (Link to download)

How is economic capacity demonstrated? y What minimum amounts of money should the account statements reflect for periods of permanence of 6 months, 1 year or more?

Without detracting from the other requirements, this is arguably the most important requirement for obtaining a non-profit residency visa. As explained above, you need to be able to demonstrate sufficient resources to support yourself and your family.

This amount is calculated based on the IPREM index, which for the year 2021 is €564.90 per month. Therefore, if you apply for residency individually, you must demonstrate that you have at least 400% of this indicator on a monthly basis. And if you apply for it with your family group, an additional 100% must be credited for each member.

So, first of all, it is necessary to define for how long you are going to reside in Spain because it must be verified that you have the amount determined according to this term. And then, calculate the formula according to the number of people you will be in charge of.

For example, if you are applying for residency for six (6) months you will have to prove that you have 13,557.60€ at the time of your appointment at the Consulate. On the other hand, if you are applying for a visa for one (1) year you will have to credit 27.115,20€. However, if you have, for example, two additional dependents, you will have to prove 20,336.40 and 40,672.80 respectively.

Is it possible to have permission to work in Spain with the non-profit residency?

During the first year you will not be able to work with the non-profit residency, after the second year you will be able to apply for a work permit.


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