Type R Visa for investment

visa tipo r por inversion

In Colombia, the resident visa or type R is the highest immigration status, being that this visa is special for those foreigners who seek to remain in Colombian territory, this visa also allows entering or leaving Colombia as many times as desired with this visa, has an indefinite duration, and also allows to exercise any legal activity in the country, including those that are developed under an employment relationship.

In order to acquire this status through investment, it is necessary to prove an investment of more than six hundred and fifty (650) legal monthly minimum wages in force, that is, about COP 650,000,000 Pesos ($ 170,900 USD). With this investment you will be able to apply for a permanent residence visa.


What do I need to acquire the R type visa for investment?


  • Passport photocopy: a photocopy of the first page of your valid passport showing your biographical data. The photocopy can be in color or black and white.
  • Proof of legal entry into the country: a photocopy of the page of your passport showing the last entry or exit stamp of Colombia.
  • Photocopy of previously issued Visa: if you have had a previous Colombian visa, such as a student or tourist visa.
  • Passport photo: digital photo with white background, no earrings, caps or white shirt. The file must not exceed 100 KB.
  • Certificate of freedom and tradition
  • Documents certifying occupation and sources of income
  • Foreign Exchange Declaration Form F4.
  • Finally and most importantly, in order to receive the R type visa for investment, you must provide a communication issued by the International Exchange Department of the Banco de la República. This communication from the banks records foreign direct investment made by you on your behalf in an amount greater than 650 times the current minimum monthly salary.

Where can I apply for the R type visa for investment?

A visa applicant who wishes to invest in Colombia may apply for a Colombian investment visa online (to proceed with the process virtually, please click on the following link). But if you are outside the national territory, you must apply for this and any other Colombian visa in any of the Colombian consulates around the world.

For greater security it is advisable to seek the advice of expert lawyers in Colombian immigration law, thus having the help of someone who knows the requirements and has the experience to successfully complete the process.


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