Visa for parents of Colombian children: how to obtain it according to Resolution 5477?

The visa for parents of Colombian children by birth falls under the category of migrant visas. This is for foreigners who are parents of a citizen who is Colombian by birth.

It is valid for up to 3 years and allows accumulating time for the Resident visa when the time of stay as a visa holder is 2 years.

Additionally, it allows the holder to apply for a visa for beneficiaries and obtain an open work permit, which allows the holder to perform any lawful activity in the national territory, as long as it complies with the labor regulations of the Colombian state.

The specific rules for the exercise of each profession and trade and with the obligations regarding reporting and registration established in Decree 1067 of 2015, or rule that replaces it.

The specific requirements for the (M) visa for parents of Colombian children by birth are as follows:

  • Copy of the child’s Colombian birth certificate:

When both parents are foreigners, the Colombian birth certificate of the child born in Colombia must contain an annotation indicating validity to prove nationality and must be found in the database of the Registry Entity.

In the event that the Civil Registry of Birth contains annotations other than those related to nationality, such as change of serial number, paternal recognition, change of names, among others, the respective antecedent record must be provided.

  • Visa application letter:

When the Colombian national child is a minor, the letter shall be signed by the Colombian national parent, stating that the foreigner is fully complying with the corresponding obligations.

In the absence of consent, the visa applicant shall provide certification from the competent family authority stating that there is no measure of protection or reinstatement of rights and that the foreigner has been fully complying with his obligations.

When both parents are foreigners, the letter shall be signed by both parents and when the Colombian child is of legal age, he/she must submit a letter signed by him/her, signed by hand and with fingerprint of the right or left index finger, or right or left thumb, requesting the issuance of the Migrant Visa for his/her foreign parent, accompanied by a photocopy of the Colombian citizenship card.

  • The foreign parent must provide the visa of which he/she was the holder and which was valid at the time of the birth of the minor.

  • Certificate of migratory movements of the father and mother of the minor issued by the Special Administrative Unit Migration Colombia.

Demonstrate financial solvency through averages in bank statements for the last 6 months, and source of income:

It is important to mention that, in any case, the Visa and Immigration Authority will verify that at the time of the child’s birth the parents were holders of a visa granting domicile.

The Visa and Immigration Authority will refrain from issuing the visa when the entry “valid to prove nationality” presents inconsistencies or requires clarification by the notary or registry authority.

If after fifteen (15) days of having requested clarification from the notary authority no response has been received from the entity, the request will be rejected.

On the other hand, if authorized and issued, this visa may automatically lose its validity in the event that the holder is absent from the country for more than 180 continuous calendar days within a period of 365 days from the time of issuance of the visa.

Finally, the cost of the procedure for Europe and Cuba will be 192.23 EUR, broken down as follows: EUR 42.25 for the study procedure and EUR 149.98 for the expedition procedure.

In the case of Colombia and the rest of the world, the total cost will be USD 325.32, corresponding to USD 54.92 for the study stage and USD 270.4 for the expedition stage.

However, in the case of Ecuadorian, Japanese, Korean and Peruvian nationals who settle in the Amazon and Putumayo river basins, they should review the differential rates that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs indicates on its website(

*In the case of Spanish nationals the procedure will be free of charge.