Visitor’s Visa in Colombia: Changes according to the new resolution

Visa de visitante en Colombia

First, an important change that was incorporated with the entry into force of Resolution 5477 for the visitor’s visa in Colombia was the introduction of 4 categories within the type of visitor’s visa:

Seasonal agricultural worker:

It was created to develop seasonal agricultural work under programs established by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development or the governorates together with the agricultural sector, the Ministry of Labor, health and social protection.

Promotion of internationalization:

It is intended for the development of productive, innovation or research activities aimed at the adoption or adaptation of technologies that complement or develop products, processes or services that contribute to strengthening the country’s competitiveness.

Also for activities that contribute to incorporate knowledge to the activities or professions pre-established by the Directorate of Migration, Consular Affairs and Citizen Services, which contribute to the internationalization of the country.

TLC entrepreneurs:

Its purpose is to facilitate the mobility of entrepreneurs or business people, in application of commitments acquired by Colombia within the framework of Free Trade Agreements signed and in force with other States.

Digital nomad:

Applies only for self-employed workers or workers linked to foreign companies to provide remote work or teleworking services from Colombia through digital means.

It also applies to start a digital content or information technology venture of interest to the country.

Additionally, more specific requirements have been added to each of the categories of this type of visitor’s visa in Colombia , depending on the activity.

This differs from the previous resolution, which only included the general requirements, i.e., common to all the applications for visitor visa in Colombia and 3 specific articles that covered the necessary documentation in case the request was made in a personal capacity, with the support of a natural person, legal entity or in the development of a specific activity.

There are also changes in the event that the application is made in a personal capacity or with the support of a natural person.

With respect to the accreditation of economic solvency, an additional element has been introduced. In the previous resolution, in addition to bank statements, no specific amount of money was required to prove financial solvency.

However, Resolution 5477 requires proof of monthly income equal to or greater than 10 SMLMV. Now, in the case of an application supported by a legal entity, the current resolution requires the accreditation of the economic solvency of the legal entity by means of bank statements corresponding to the three 3 months prior to the application.

On the other hand, Resolution 6045 required bank statements corresponding to the 6 months prior to the request.

In conclusion:

The changes in the new resolution of the visitor visa in Colombia These include the introduction of new categories, more specific requirements according to each of the activities covered by the visitor visa and some variations regarding the requirements in the case of applications made in a personal capacity, with the support of a natural or legal person.